Pick a Side

I am staunchly pro-Israel.  I don’t pretend to follow the situation in the Middle East very closely.  But, like most mature adults I do try to have an idea what’s going on around the globe, although I do prefer my sports section.  That’s right; I still get a newspaper.  My dog gets the paper from my driveway every morning.  It is his only job. If I got all my news off the internet, he would be a free-loader.

Though I cannot claim to have great knowledge of the situation there, I do know enough of the history of Israel and its people to care a great deal.

In the history of our planet, there is no story like theirs.  Since the falling of both halves of their divided kingdom in the 8th and 6th centuries BC, there has never been a people so misunderstood, degraded, oppressed, persecuted, and terrorized as the Jews.  There is not even a close second.  Yet somehow through all the horrors of the last twenty-eight centuries, up to and including the Holocaust during World War II, they have kept their identity.  They are still the Jewish people, descendants of Abraham.

Wherever Jews have been, and they have been, and still are, all over the globe, they banded together, largely avoiding intermarriage with the people of the land they were in.  They clung to the idea that they were God’s chosen people, set apart to be different than the rest.  They believed that all their woes and heartaches were their penance for not honoring God the way they were taught.  Their Bible told of a Savior who would come and deliver them from all their suffering and they believed that someday that would happen.  So, wherever Jews were, they stuck together like their lives depended on it.

They didn’t even have a country for 2,500 years!  How does that happen?

The answer is; It doesn’t.  There is nothing to compare it to.  Countries come and go, and when they go, the remaining people of the conquered country meld with the conquerors.  Sometimes it takes decades, even a century or more for the conquered nation’s peoples to fully integrate with the conquerors but it has always happened, except to the Jews.

Imagine if America were conquered by another country or a coalition of them, and it’s remaining people banished to foreign lands.  Would Americans cluster together for 2500 years in whatever country they were banished to, stubbornly clinging to American customs for centuries, millenia, largely refusing to intermarry with their conquerors or anyone that is not American?  Would we call ourselves Americans 2500 years after America ceased to exist?

After World War II Palestine was given back to the Israeli people by the British government which “owned” approximately 70% of that land.  After 2,500 years the Jews had a place to call home again, a land where they were not outsiders, and they were determined to keep and defend that land with everything they had.  Remember, most of the remaining Jews in the world had just been systematically exterminated in the Nazi death camps of that awful war, over six million of them.

Today surrounded by a billion people who want them out or dead, they cling to their land like it was given to them by God.

I have little doubt that the Palestinian refugee situation is made worse by the strict Israeli security that is necessary because of the countless terrorist attacks on their country.  I know innocent children get caught in the crossfire when terrorists hide among the civilian population.  More than likely Israel has overstepped their boundaries and taken land that they could have done without.  But, considering what they are facing, I have a hard time blaming the Jews for anything they do.  Because there is zero chance, if they let down their guard, that terrorists don’t come in and kill Jews by the thousands or millions like the Nazis did.  Zero, unless God Himself protects them.

Therein lies the fate of Israel.  It won’t be decided by the leaders of adversarial countries.  It won’t be decided by the strength of their own resolve or their military might.  It won’t be decided by the American president or people.  Israel has a leading role to play in the future of our world, and I would not want to stand against them in that future confrontation.  Because God will decide the fate of Israel.  Standing against Israel will be standing against Almighty God himself.