A Post About Nothing


Before there was something, what was there?  Nothing?  Is that even possible?

I am trying to imagine nothing.  Okay, that’s wrong.  Nothing is not a thing that can be imagined because it is not a thing at all.  It is a lack of all things.  Wait, but that’s wrong too.  How can I use the word “it” to describe something that doesn’t exist?  Shoot!  Now I used the word “something” to refer to nothing.  Describing nothing is impossible because there is nothing there to describe.  Aaaaahhhhh!!!

Alright, before I go crazy, let’s set aside all of my word choice problems.  I can’t get around them.  Let’s stretch our minds a bit.  Let’s try to imagine nothing.

On the surface it sounds easy, right?  Just a lot of empty space.  Except that “space” is something; it takes up room.  Even the word “empty” suggests there is something there that has nothing in it.  Try it yourself.  Imagine nothing.  How far can your mind take you?  My guess is no farther than mine.  It is unimaginable, as unimaginable as a universe without time.  If you want to stretch your mind some more, try that.  If you do something in a timeless universe then there must have been a point before that thing was done and a point after that thing was done.  But how can there be a “before and after” without time?

Okay, so “nothing” cannot be imagined by human brains, agreed?  Personally, the closest I can come is an endless dark space.  Now, granted, my endless dark space is not nothing. Even darkness is something but it seems less like something than light.  And endlessness implies something that doesn’t end.  My nothing has air, not necessarily oxygen, but some kind of gas, because it is space that takes up room, endless room, infinite room.  And in my imaginary nothingness something must take up that room.  I know, I know.  How can nothing take up room?  How can there be something to take up all the room that isn’t there?  How can nothing be infinitely large?  Well… ummm… I don’t know.  But how could nothing have boundaries?  There cannot be an end to nothing.  This is as close as my puny, human imagination can get, so don’t argue with me.  Clearly, I have no idea, but bear with me; I do have a point.

So, let’s forget for the moment that you are something and place you in your own imaginary nothingness. Can you see yourself there, floating in your pajamas?  Now, in all this nothing(which you are a part of) let’s add… something.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, but suddenly, instead of nothing, there is something.  Let’s say it is a microscopic grain of sand.  In your nothing, there is now something.  Your nothing can’t even be called nothing anymore.

So, let me ask you: How could that grain of sand possibly have come into existence? And… if a grain of sand exists, then it must be somewhere, meaning there is such a thing as “where”.  It has a location.  And… if there was no grain of sand and now there is, then there is a before and after, meaning there is such a thing as when.  There is time.  And… if there was no grain of sand and now there is, then something happened to cause the sand to exist, meaning there is such a thing as how.  There is cause and effect.  But… if there was nothing in the first place, then there was nothing to cause a grain of sand to exist, at a certain point in time, in a certain location.  Meaning, if you follow me, that something predates nothing.  Meaning, there was always something, or someone.

So, tell me… What does that suggest to you?

You know what I think.


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