If I were a public figure, it wouldn’t be for long; my fifteen minutes of fame would last for two…

It wouldn’t take long for me to stick my foot in my mouth.  When you write, you always have that chance to look over and reconsider your words.  When there is a microphone in your face, however, you can’t take them back.

If you are in the public eye, you must walk on eggshells with your words, or the media will sensationalize and demonize them.  This politician said this, or this actor said that.  Senator So-and-So said that people from Mexico are Mexicans!  OMG!  Miss Rock and Roll Diva called her drummer black instead of African American!  Cancel the tour!  And just now, Average Joe is in hot water cause he called Rock and Roll Diva “Miss” rather than “Ms”!  Get the tar and feathers!

Christians are square in the middle of the media’s crosshairs.  Political correctness will not allow us to say anything absolute or exclusive, like boys can’t be girls because they  actually ARE boys.  We aren’t allowed to say that men were created to be united with women–or no one at all.  Likewise women were created to be united with men–or no one at all.  Oh look, Average Joe just got himself in trouble again!

You know what?  Average Joe doesn’t give a shhh…  Phew!  Saved that one; good thing there wasn’t a microphone here!

In general, Christians aren’t very good at holding God’s line; we cave-in easily.  In fact, we have become cave-in kings.  To avoid offending anyone and calling attention to ourselves, we have become experts at choosing our words very carefully, thereby compromising God’s words.

God’s Word, though, is completely uncompromising.  He is not P.C.  There is nothing wishy-washy about the way the Bible identifies and condemns sin, nothing uncertain about God’s justice, and there is zero compromise in the way sin is to be punished.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is Grace.

It is not a compromise.  God’s Justice is completely served.  He did not let up on my sin one little bit when it went to the cross on Jesus’ shoulders.  The penalty for my sin was unspeakable–but I will speak of it…  They did not look for the Roman garrison’s ninety-jonathan-wheeler-n1PFjN_--Xk-unsplashpound weakling to administer the stripes on Jesus’ back.  Nor did they remove the bits of bone or metal from the strands of the scourge that ripped the flesh from Him.  He wasn’t given the ancient day equivalent of morphine beforehand.  The spikes that held Jesus’ feet and hands to the cross weren’t made of velvet.  He wasn’t getting a hydrating intravenous drip as the sun beat on His beaten, scourged, and bleeding body that terrible afternoon.  God’s wrath for my sin came down on Jesus–uncompromisingly.

The least I, or we, should be able to do is not compromise His Word to avoid offending people, people who actually need to hear the whole of God’s Word.

No compromise.


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