God Laughs


I was joking in my last post.  I didn’t really marry my sister, humanly speaking…

Some get my humor, and some don’t.  I understand.  I often don’t get what others find funny, especially these days when disrespect, vulgarity, and downright meanness passes for humor.  That is a post for another day, though.  Today, I wonder… does God find us funny?

His is a serious job.  He sees every wrong being done to any and all, right?  People he loves are hurting, or heading down the wrong path. This is true, but he also sees every unselfish act of kindness and feels the joy when one of his prodigals turns toward him.

You know what else he sees?  Everything.  All the crazy, hilarious moments of our lives happened right in front of him.

When my youngest was getting into something she shouldn’t have, at nine months old, I gave her a sharp; “Hey!”.  She turned to my wife and I with a perfect little “It wasn’t me!” look, even though she was the only one there.  So that’s what I said, “It wasn’t me!” then spontaneously rolled into the next verse of the George Thorogood song of that name…

It wasn’t me!

No, no, Dad, It wasn’t me!

Noooo, it musta been some other baby, no, no, dad it wasn’t me!

You would have to know the song and seen my daughter’s look but my wife and I were rolling on the ground, much to our daughter’s delight.  Do you think God was laughing with us?  Cause I do.

When my brother, at my son and daughter in law’s wedding reception, took two of those little battery operated fake candles, screwed them into his eye sockets, put on a pair of shades to hold them in place and began to lament on “how mankind has become lethargic and you just don’t see the “light in peoples’ eyes” anymore…”  Do you think God found that funny?  Was he laughing with us that afternoon?

We are made in his image, right?  Does that mean God has laughed so hard he cried before?  Has God ever had milk come out his nose?  Has Jesus?

I know this may sound a bit irreverent to some but I don’t mean it to be.  We have God on a pedestal in our hearts and that is right; He belongs there.  He is King of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All.  The throne in every heart belongs to Him, and Him alone.  But God being so far above us doesn’t mean he wears a constant serious scowl.

Ecclesiastes tells us there is “…a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…”

I think the inventor of laughter… laughs.  I believe the inventor of the smile… smiles.  I think it brings Him joy to see His children laughing joyfully–and I think He laughs with us.


One thought on “God Laughs

  1. I’m w/ you on this:)
    I get your humor and appreciate it deeply!
    Thanks for the smile and I thank God for that smile and every single one He has given me which is every one worth the moment I’ve ever had:) Thanx again AJ
    A blessed and Happy Thanks- giving to you and yours


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