Imagine this; God is looking out on the endless universe that he created.

In one little section of his universe, among several galaxies there is one galaxy with a small yellow star. Orbiting around this star are a few tiny planets and for this even God breaks out a microscope. He stops the orbiting for a moment cause he can, turns his magnification level to its maximum setting and peers at the creatures inhabiting one of the planets. There he sees this one infinitesimal speck of a human thumping his chest and yelling, “I’m better than all these other specks! I’m stronger and smarter than them. I deserve to be honored!” God cocks his head a little, wondering if he heard correctly. Then he leans back from his microscope and sadly shakes his head.

This is how I imagine God sees our pride. What difference could it possibly make if I am smarter or stronger than any or even all of my neighbors when I am a piece of dust in the grand scheme of things, a grain of sand in the Sahara. If you imagine it from God’s perspective, human pride really is quite pathetic. Yet we all have it, most of us in abundance.


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