God made this day, and, like all the others–it is not long enough.

There is always a plan.  I have to run these errands, work on that project, exercise for this amount of time, and fix those broken things.  There is writing to do, the lawn to mow, a tree to trim, and a friend to meet.  My wife needs my help, my truck needs a part, my dog needs exercise, and I need sleep.  And, oh by the way, there is a full time job to go to every day.

I have no time for God.  To sit and talk to him means my list is not getting done.  Don’t talk to me about God’s list.

I am not alone.  Hopefully, you wake up every morning praising God, and rejoicing in the possibilities of this new day that he has made.  Hopefully, you are eager to get to work on “His list”.  But, so many of us bury ourselves with so much stuff to do that we don’t take the time to stop and be with God.  We let the stress and responsibilities of the life that he gave us keep us from really giving that life to him, and living it with him.

It is messed up.  We tell ourselves we will get back to that special relationship we had with God just as soon as we get our lives back in order.  The thing is–our list never ends.  Just as soon as we get one thing fixed, something more important will break.  We mow the lawn, but it just grows back.  The dog still has too much energy.  After this workday, I will have to get up and do it again tomorrow.

It is about priorities.  God made the day exactly as long as he intended it to be.  He made it so we have to choose what we have time for, to prioritize.  We are not supposed to spend time with God because we have plenty of time to do so.  We should want to spend time with him more than we want our lawn cut to two and a half inches.  Nothing on our list is more important than spending time with God, than getting off on our own, away from distractions and talking with him, and reading our Bibles.

So, when we feel short on time–let the lawn grow and the dog get fat.  Be still.  Quiet your busy brain and just appreciate God.  Think of who he is, his awesome power and unfailing love.  Think of Jesus, and know that he has you covered.  DSC_0379

The more we take the time God gave us to be with him, the more we will feel him with us the rest of the time–when we are trimming our trees, or walking our dogs, or meeting our friends.



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