Basics of Christianity: #4 – Who Cares?

thZTNO8XKAOkay then, if the Bible is true, what does that mean for you?  Nothing?  Everything?

I have a friend, Mike, who I haven’t seen or spoken to in years.  We played ball on the same team for a few seasons.  Mike and I hit it off and would get together now and then for golf, or rock climbing, or sometimes just a beer or two.  One day, out of curiosity, I asked him if he believed in God.  He answered with an emphatic “No”. Then he asked me the same question.  I told him that there being a God was the only thing that made sense to me.  Mike thought for a moment; I will never forget his next words:  “The way I look at it, even if there is a God, who cares?”

There is a right answer to that opening question.  “Who cares?” isn’t it.

If the Bible is true, that means there is a God.  The Bible doesn’t speak of some force who got the ball rolling and walked away; it speaks of a God who cares about us, a God who loves us.  We are not simply talking about him loving the race of humans he created; we are talking about him loving each one of us individually.

But, this God the Bible speaks of isn’t some desperate, heartsick, lonely deity.  The God of the Bible is in charge.  He is not timid, and Oh My God: He Is Not Weak!  Don’t think because some messed up things happen in this world that things have spiraled out of God’s control.  His choice to give us free-will and write our own story does not mean anything is out of his control.  Don’t blame God for the injustices of our world; the pen is in our hands.

So, an unspeakably powerful God exists, according to the Bible, which also says this God loves us with “a love that surpasses all knowledge”.  There are no rulers or scales to measure the God of the Bible.  We can’t stuff him into any sized box.  Should that scare us into avoiding any thought of him?  Should we look the other way and pretend we can’t see the elephant in the room?

I love my friend Mike even though I never see him anymore.  As far as I am concerned, friendship is forever.  But he had the wrong answer to one of life’s most important questions.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that, if there is a God, we should care.  We should want to know what his existence means to our lives.  We should want to know if the Bible is really His Word written for us.  We should want to read that word, study it, glean everything we can from it to see what God is like and what he wants from us.

That word speaks of God’s Son sent here to save us.  A timely question right here would be;  Why do we need saving?  I suspect, though, that we all know why we need saving.  We may do our best to drown them out, but our consciences are always aware of our predicament.  We cannot fix our own troubled hearts.

I know that many would protest at this point.  They would say that their consciences are clear, that there is nothing within them that tells them they have not lived life as they should have.  But it doesn’t matter what we say to others.  It is when we are alone with our thoughts that these pangs of conscience leave us feeling that we are on the wrong side of some line.  Sometimes it may be easy to sleep but there are other times we lie awake, knowing we need help, that we need to be saved.  We may not know from what we need saving, but their is unrest in our hearts, and it will not go away.

So many of us doubt the Bible’s ability to relate to the issues of our modern hearts.  If we read it though, we might find that it has our exact problem in its crosshairs.  The Bible speaks of souls in various states of turmoil, and it gives the recipe for peace.  It has the remedy for our troubled hearts.

Stay tuned.  Good news will come.   A.J.







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